Stay with tantric massage / 55 euro per night

Are you traveling to Prague for few days and you don´t need or want to stay in a hotel?
If you can accept that I have two cats and one flatmate in my big appartment, you can stay with us for maximum 4 nights. 
You will get large room with private terrace and nice view. There you will also get tantric massages which we arrange before. 
You can enjoy all that space just for yourself or your visitors if you like. We are open minded people, it´s always nice to meet someone new. 
There is only one condition: We are vegans, so at home we only eat plantbased food. You´re always welcome to share meal with us. 
We love to prepare good food for our guests.
The price for one night is 55 euro (+ price for each massage you order)
You have your privacy and also all appartment to use and share with us. You don´t need to be separate if you don´t want to. We can talk, eat, watch movies...
We live at Prague 5 . Area calls Nový Smíchov. 
One tram stop to Shopping mall OC Nový Smíchov at Anděl. 
You can get easily to every part of Prague from place I live.