You can choose from 8 types of tantric massages (all are including lingam-penis massage)

Massages can be combined 


90 minutes / 3000 CZK (€ 120)

The 90 minute Tantric Relaxation massage focuses on the touch and tantric energy perception . It is perfect  for a first time approach and to discover what is a real Tantric massage. It is a wonderful way to “switch off“ your mind and relax without including the awakening ritual.  


150 minutes / 4000 CZK (€ 160)

In 150 minutes, this Awakening Ritual Tantric Massage allows extended touch and extra sensitivity. It offers a deeper experience and a complete relaxation with a rich and strong energy journey which can go to a short version of the prostate massage with preliminary agreement.


210 minutes / 5000 CZK (€ 200)

This Connoisseur Massage contains much more scope for improvisation, a combination of several massage techniques and also for a deeper emotional openess. It can also include a length prostate massage with preliminary agreement. I do this massage with hands and entire body.




Tantric Prostate Massage / 120 minutes / 3500 CZK (€ 140)

This very gentle and attentive body massage includes anal and prostate massage. It is provides more transfer and full awareness and may allow the opening of many "closed“ windows in your consciousness.


Tantra-Erotic massage / 120 minutes / 3500 CZK (€ 140)  

This gourmet massage, extremely sensual which focuses on the awakening of sexual arousal, from erection to ejaculation, is the perfect combination of an erotic and a tantric massage. It is a full body massage with a very intense sexual stimulus surrounded by the consciousness and feeling of the tantric touch. It can be an amazing erotic experience providing incredible satisfaction.


Tantra-Sport massage / 120 minutes / 3500 CZK (€ 140)
This is more sensual and intensive combination of tantric and sports massage. Focusing more to muscle recovery and problematic parts of the body and sensual stimulation of erogenous zones. It can bring relaxation of muscles and sexual tension or recharge energy. 



Tantric massage 4 hands / 120 minutes / 6000 CZK / 240 euro

A unique experience of tantric massage, performed by two masseurs. You can literally fly during this massage.


Tantric massage for couples / 120 minutes / 7000 CZK / 280 euro

This massage is suitable for any pair or partners or people, who wants to experience tantric massage at the same time. With two masseurs.