Tantric Massage

Tantric massage is a kind and thoughtful exchange of energy between the donor and the recipient. It is a complete openness about the subtle and intimate sharing of our nature. Normally it is conducted with the full nudity of both of us. During the massage we can forget about the outside world, about our role in it. It is a moment when we can put aside all our masks, completely relax and experience a state of purely being. We can be ourselves, without inhibitions, shame and fear of rejection. It's a sensual full body massage, very perceptive, gentle, loving and full of subtle touches. It awakens the body's sexual energy that rises from the bottom center up and distributes it throughout the entire body. In tantric massage with sexual energy and pleasure we are connecting with the heart. It's about sharing our nature, internal and external purity of revelation and surrender, of giving and receiving. The tantric massage is a massage of intimate places, lingam (penis) and prostate. Everything is done in a gentle and playful way, it's not intended to be an intense sexual stimulus, but the safe perception of your body and your own feelings in the present moment. During Tantric massage we allow everything to flow freely, ejaculation is not the goal. At the same time we don't resist, everything is natural and we accept it as it is. Tantric massage is purely about the experience of our being, without the perception of space and time. It can help heal and release the pain and sorrows, it may help with enhancing your goals and objectives. Overall it is a very pleasant, sensual experience during which you can go into deep relaxation and connection with your soul, heart and body.